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Current Projects

To be honest i don’t know what to write down here….

But welp i will just write some random stuff

So like this group is actually only have 5 members but they don’t have wordpress and they only assist the manager on making stuffs like novels.

Yeah that’s random enough right. Now then i shall stop doing painfully crazy things like this

About us

We translate novels with machine translation methods and correct the grammars and changing the words so its easier to understood but sometimes the meaning will change because no one know how to read Japanese in this group yet and English is just our second language [most of us are Indonesians]. So please support us on translating novels so we can make the readers satisfied.

I also make some novels with the assistance of this group and i think it is the main thing i the manager do to make reasons to not translate things just because my laziness. – Lowe

And if you want to join us just contact us at Rickset2002@gmail.com it is one of our member’s email.


Please contact us if there are any inconveniences or if there are anyone that want to help us out.